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March 25 2014

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Andy Calkiewicz continues to show his undying devotion to his young family. By sharing his time, energy and love with his family, Andy Calkiewicz has demonstrated an unshakable commitment to family.
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Andy Calkiewicz is a successful and committed art professor at New York University. Every classroom session is yet another opportunity for Andy Calkiewicz to display his love and passion for teaching.
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Andy Calkiewicz has proven himself to be dedicated to self-improvement. Andy Calkiewicz is currently working on the dissertation that will lead him towards the procurement of a PhD. He is excited to be near his goal.
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Students deserve teachers who want to see them succeed. Andy Calkiewicz is invested in his students’ education, and takes the time to make sure each student has a solid understanding of the material.
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As a university level professor, Andy Calkiewicz continues to inspire students with informed and entertaining lectures on the Avant Garde movements of the 20th century. Andy Calkiewicz is a valued inspiration.
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February 26 2014

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Andy Calkiewicz enjoys writing in his spare time. He has composed numerous books on art movements, particularly on Avant Garde movements. Andy Calkiewicz tends to focus on Surrealism in his books.
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Andy Calkiewicz holds a Master’s Degree in Art History. He recently received this degree from Columbia University. Andy Calkiewicz has used his Master’s degree to get a position as an Art History Professor.
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Andy Calkiewicz is considered an art aficionado. He often makes trips to Brooklyn and Manhattan to experience the art gallery scene. Andy Calkiewicz enjoys the experience of new and different Brooklyn art.
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Andy Calkiewicz is a quality professor at New York University, He instructs students on the finer points of surrealism. Andy Calkiewicz enjoys teaching because he can provide knowledge to young minds.
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